Why Us?

We are India's Premiere Supplier of Industrial Bulk Packaging Solutions Our value proposition defines what differentiates us in the marketplace and why KPL is your one-stop-destination for packaging solutions.

KPL's unique business model prioritizes you and your requirements. Our specialized team creates customized FIBC designs and helps you explore product innovations in a technologically changing landscape. With an experience of almost five decades, KPL's broad sector knowledge has enabled them to create their niche in the local and the global marketplace.

Here is what we bring for you :

  • We produce more than 9+ million FIBCs per annum.
  • Our knack for delivering diverse customised designs across the globe through an economical solution.
  • We boast of a 100% fully integrated manufacturing facility.
  • We provide complete in- house testing facilities.
  • We ensure on-time speedy delivery for urgent orders in minimal turnaround time.
  • Our renowned certifications boast of our exceptional quality products and adherence to global standards.
  • We offer value for money and viable payment options.
  • Our customer retention and satisfaction rate speaks volumes as we also offer quick complaint resolution.
  • We carry over five decades of experience in industrial packaging.

KPL in numbers

Quality & Hygiene Assurance

At Kanpur Plastipack, we deliver exceptional quality products for your satisfaction by upholding the industry-defined standards.

We proactively ensure that our products are manufactured in an uncontaminated environment: free of adulteration and impurities which could adversely affect product quality and sustainability.

Global Footprint

Kanpur Plastipack Limited has a strong international market presence that contributes to almost 70% of our total revenue.

With a well established international presence and a global footprint. We export to Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium & Netherlands in the EU apart from the UK. KPL has a strong customer base in North and South America with the USA as one of the principal destinations. The key differentiating factors that has made us trusted partners and defined our global presence are:

  • Industry and market expertise to comprehend consumer needs in a globalised market.
  • Our ability to recognize and adhere to the diverse laws and regulations amongst different countries.
  • Access to vast in house technical expertise which enables us to offer customised packaging requirements for different products.
  • Ability to meet stringent quality requirements with international benchmarks and certifications.
  • Over three decades of exports across the globe with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Multiple Manufacturing Units

Kanpur Plastipack Limited boasts of three world-class manufacturing facilities in Kanpur, India. Spread across a sprawling 800,000 sq.feet the fully integrated manufacturing facility boasts of the state of Art plant and machinery and intellectual property dating to 50 years of experience in the industry. The increasing use of solar power as a clean source of energy has enabled the company to contribute towards the reduction of the Carbon footprint.


Year: 1971

The corporate office of KPL is a manufacturing centre with inhouse machines involved in:

  • Extrusion
  • Weaving
  • Reprocessing
  • Also acts as the manufacturing unit of UV Masterbatch.


Year: 2008

The main finishing unit of FIBC products.

Worldwide dispatches are carried out from this facility.


Year: 2018

  • The Greenfield state-of-art facility is spread over a lush area of a little under 10 ha. and it was inaugurated in 2018.
  • Brand new additional unit to increase the production capacity.
  • Aim to increase the production capacity to 15 million FIBCs per annum.


Kanpur Plastipack Limited is defined by four core values that has led to our successful venture and relationship with customers. We aspire to keep these values on our forefront and continue to serve you.

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We provide our customers with proficient advice on all styles, designs and options of bulk bags.

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