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We offer wide range of PP Multi filament High Tenacity Fully Drawn yarn used in various industries. Made up of Polypropylene (PP) on our SML Lines imported from Austria they are available in various bright & attractive colors and can be customized.

Since the inception of MFY production in 2011, KPL has emerged as one of the most outstanding players and contributors of MFY in the industry.

Kanpur Plastipack Limited's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is a specialised supplier and distributor of an extensive range of Multifilament Yarn for industrial applications all across the globe.

Backed by an exceptional staff and tradition of reliability, KPL's vast portfolio of MFY is adept in pan India delivery of quality yarn at a competitive price to suit your specific needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Think MFY, think KPL!

Multifilament Yarn is Produced through Extrusion Spinning - Fully Drawn Yarns of High Tenacity. They are extruded, cooled, stretched and wound on Winders directly after passing through an annealing zone.

They can be Air intermingled, Flat or twisted in Nature.

Quality : Manufactured from SML Austria extrusion lines.

Capacity : More than 700 MT/month

Lead time : One week for all standard colours

Why choose MFY?

  • Multifilament's can be drawn more effectively than its counterpart, hence it has greater strength and a higher modulus.
  • MFY is much more flexible than monofilaments at an equivalent linear density.
  • Multifilament yarn with round filaments has a higher packing fraction than the structured cross-sections which offers higher bulk.
  • MFY is tough, low gravity, stain-resistant and durable.