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Testing Facility

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We are dedicated to put in rigorous efforts in order to improve our production and product quality.

We are amongst the very few companies in India having complete in-house testing facility with a physical & analytical lab for UV Masterbatch.

Physical Lab

  • QUV Weathering tester
  • Melt Flow Index Tester
  • Muffle Furnace

Outsource Analytical Lab

  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometre ( FTIR ) :
    FTIR is a spectroscopic technique based on the absorption of infrared photons that excite vibrations of molecular bonds. A spectrum of characteristic bands is produced that can be used as a fingerprint to help identify and characterize the sample.
  • Thermo gravimetric Analyser ( TGA ) :
    TGA is used to investigate the thermal stability of polymers.
  • Differential Scanning calorimeter ( DSC ) :
    DSC is used to measure enthalpy changes due to changes in the physical and chemical properties of a material as a function of temperature or time.
    Above tests insure consistent product quality and enable us for consistently continuous improvement in our process & products.