Net Baffle

Net Baffle

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  • Enables the material to flow with ease into all corners.
  • Maintains the cubic form of the bag.
  • Offers Stability to Big Bag.

The Key Benefits of Using Net Baffle bag :-

  • Equal distribution of Filled product - Better utilization of filling space of FIBC, Better distribution and packaging of the product.
  • Increase of the load capacity, allowing the reduction of the freight cost during transportation of filled bags.
  • Stacking of bags more stable, avoiding possible curve formation at bottom.
  • Better visual appearance of the external design of the packaging.
  • Faster Filling process :- Filling time will be less as product will be settled inside the FIBC immediately.

Filling Trial of Net Baffle vs Standard Baffle

Trial result

  • Increase of filling capacity by 2.33% in net baffle bag over Standard PP baffle bag (Approx. 30 kgs of seeds/PP granules in one bag)
  • Lower transportation cost of filled net baffle bag over filled standard PP baffle bag because of additional filling.
  • It will save time of operator and improves productivity of operator.