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  • MAP is a new innovative packaging solution to create Modified- or Controlled Atmosphere in FIBCs.
  • Modified atmosphere is the practice of modifying the composition of the internal atmosphere to increase the shelf life of the product inside.
  • The modification process generally lowers the amount of oxygen (O2) which usually encourages the growth of aerobic spoilage.
  • Oxygen can be replaced with nitrogen (N2), a comparatively inert gas, or carbon dioxide to prevent oxidation.
  • KPL ensures that Modified Atmosphere in FIBC comes with optimal benefits such as:
        - Increase shelf life of packaged food products
        - Sustained nutritional content
        - Pest Prevention
        - Contamination Control
        - No chemical preservatives
        - Reduced wastage of edible products
        - Consumer appeal owing to consistent quality
  • Food Products that require MAP:
        - Rice
        - Spices
        - Organic products
        - Fresh Poultry
        - Cheese
        - Pasta
        - Ready-made meals

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Vs Vacuum Packaging

  • Modified atmosphere Packaging adjusts oxygen and CO2 levels within the packaging to the desired value.
  • Possible to compose a tailor-made atmosphere to maximize shelf life for specific products.
  • Hermetically sealed, preventing the modified atmosphere from changing.
  • Vacuum packaging removes most of the air from the packaging which is then hermetically sealed to maintain the vacuum.
  • Protects the contents from oxidation, as well as slowing down the oxidation process.
  • Also prevents the growth of moisture and inhibits the growth of oxygen-dependent microorganisms and reproduction of insects.
  • This method is also limited to a product range.

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