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Jumbo bags with PP/PE liners are generally used for safe transit of food products and fine powders. Liners are inserted in FIBC and are compatible with different filling and discharge options. Most often liners are loosely inserted in bags or can also be attached by way of tabbing which allow the liners to be sewed, tied or glued to the bag removing the chance of liner discharge.

Choose our quality FIBC liners that are equipped with:

  • Oxygen barrier
  • Moisture barrier
  • Chemical resistance
  • Anti-static properties
  • High tensile strength
  • Minimal handling
  • Protection from Contamination

We offer a wide range of FIBC Liners made of PP and PE, as per customer requirement.

  • Using FIBC liners helps to keep the product safe by shielding it from moisture and oxygen. Even small amount of moisture can ruin products such as high-purity chemicals or foodstuffs.
  • Liners eliminate the danger of product getting damaged by preventing contamination of cargo.
  • The size and material of FIBC liners can easily be customized as per the application.
  • Liners are also used to prevent leakage from microscopic holes, a related problem with unlined FIBC.

We also understand that different products require unique liner solutions. Hence, KPL provides a wide array of FIBC liners designed specifically to suit your needs:

Lay-Flat PP / PE Liners

  • Cylindrical in shape with no spouts
  • Open at the top, sealed at the bottom
  • Can be purchased in pieces / rolls

Bottle Shape Liner

  • Also known as Form Fit Liner, these liner are of exact FIBC specification
  • Shaped according to outer bags filling and discharge spouts
  • Provides easier filling and discharge of the product they are carrying.
  • Can be easily removed from the FIBC or left there permanently
  • Heat-seal the spouts of the FIBC is possible with such liner
  • Hold 15 to 20% more products compared to other standard liner.
  • Filling time reduction is around 30-35% in comparison to Bags with tubular liner

Conductive Liner

These are compatible with Type C FIBC bags

Vital for safe transportation of materials susceptible to static build-up.

Conductive FIBC liners are of three types:

  • Type L1 Liner; made of polyethylene , has a conductive film around it.
  • Type L2 Liner, made up of a polyethylene film, well-known for its anti-static films
  • Used in explosive and fire-risk environments.
  • Bag must be grounded while filling and emptying.

Antistatic Type-B Liner

  • Made from polyethylene that makes it prone to build up of static electricity owing to friction during filling and discharging.
  • Type L3 Liner, solely made up of a polyethylene film having break down voltage < 4 KVA.
  • Suitable for electrostatic materials during handling.