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With almost five decades of existence, our company has ensured keeping up with the times and made customizations for your product to stand out. KPL ensures a wide array of options to choose from and the uttermost attention to details to deliver on your specific needs.

Monofilament Webbing

  • Better Strength and Stiffness
  • Standing loops due to stiffness
  • Time saving at Fork lift during loading of bag
  • Less possibility of loop damage during handling

PP Woven Felt

  • Better leak proofing than non-woven felt
  • Suitable for CFG bags
  • In-house Manufacturing
  • 100% recyclable


  • Also known as Cord Lock
  • A closure device that is used to hold the rope or cord in place on the spout.
  • Used for safe closing of FIBC top and bottom spouts
  • Available in Black & White Color
  • Typically used on the discharge end of bags.

Non- Woven Felt

  • Provides Leak proofing to FIBCs
  • Suitable for CFG bags


  1. Filler Cord
  2. Tie String
  3. Metal Ring
  4. Cable tie
  5. Velcro


Tags used in FIBCs by KPL for identification

  • Bar Code
  • Sequential Sticker
  • Cattle Tag
  • Type B Label
  • Type C Label