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How to reach Kanpur Plastipack Ltd.?

Kanpur Plastipack Ltd. is located in Kanpur, India which is approximately 500 km east of New Delhi in North India. The closest airport is Kanpur (Chakeri) which is about 18 km from our Corporate office. Our facility is also easily connected to major Indian airports.

What is your company's policy on quality assurance?

Quality is fundamental to Kanpur Plastipack Ltd. as we possess an in house Quality Assurance system of auditing performance and ensuring that you are supplied products according to your customisations and specifications.

Can you accommodate last minute orders?

Yes! We can accommodate last minute orders.

Do you have adequate traceability systems in place?

Being a fully integrated plant, we can trace the production from the virgin raw material stage to each individual process, operator and batch. So yes, we do have a procedure of traceability in place.

Do your wooden pallets conform to worldwide norms?

You bet! Our wooden pallets conform to the new European and US Pallet Norms, i.e., ISPM 15. Each pallet is individually treated and marked. We also offer heat treated plastic pallets as per your requirement.

Do you have formal Quality Management Systems in place?

Our facilities our duly certified for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14000:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 22000:2005, BRCGS, etc.
Certificates and other accreditations

What is your lead time for bags?

The normal lead time is 4 weeks ex factory from the date of a commercial and technical acceptable order. Please factor 7 - 10 days for a Board Vessel advice. But we do have an Express Delivery option for 2 weeks. For more details, check our kanfast page.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Being a fully integrated plant, we accept innumerable small orders as well. Shipments are subject to full container loads unless the buyer accepts partial container loads.

What is your lead time for samples?

Our samples are dispatched within 4 working days. We do not charge for samples or courier charges for nominal quantity of samples.

What is your lead time for quotes?

Our response time for quotes is within 24 hours. Each query and client is assigned to a particular account handler which allows you ease of further discussions with the designated employee.

Can our bulk bags be supplied in different colours?

Absolutely! Our bulk bags can be customised into a variety of different colors and any of your choice.

Can we print onto our bags?

Ofcourse! Bags can be easily printed to your needs. Our lead time on printed bags is 4-5 weeks with a minimum order of 500 – 1000 bags.

Are our bags UV protected?

Bulk bags have UV protection built into the WPP material used to create them. We can add UV protection to woven polypropylene sacks and net sacks as per request.

Do we sell Ventilated FIBC Bags?

Yes! We sell a variety of Ventilated FIBC Bags in diffrent sizes.

Do we sell used bags?

No. We only supply new, unused bags.

Can our bulk bags be recycled?

Yes you can! We make bulk bags from Woven Polypropylene that are easily recyclable. Your bulk bags should be emptied and cleaned for collection from a recognized Bulk Bag recycling centre.

What is the difference between a Safety Factor of 5:1 & 6:1?

A bulk bag with a safety factor of 5:1 implies that the bag is only suitable for single trip use. A bag with a safety factor of 6:1 can be used multiple times; hence making the bag more environmentally friendly.

Can our bulk bags be reused?

If your bulk bag carries a safety factor of 6:1, then it is suitable for multi-trip use & can therefore be easily reused.