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Environment Responsibilty

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At KPL, we understand changing consumer trends and increased awareness. Hence, our advanced packaging solutions come with cost-effective benefits that play an integral role in our duty towards the environment and deliver you exceptional fully-recyclable quality products.

Due to a rapid growth in domestic and global demand for packaging, KPL has:

  • Ensured sustainable packaging technologies for cost-saving measures; and
  • maintained essential steps to protect our environment by ensuring the 3 R's (recycle, reuse, reduce) at all stages.


KPL has been a pioneer in their tryst with ever-evolving technologies to safeguard our environment and the use of Solar Energy has been an integral part of our Philosophy:

  • We have an installed capacity of 506 KW as Roof top Solar panels at our Unit number 2 which produce about 1,250 units per day at an average.
  • This installation was a pioneering effort in the State of Uttar Pradesh in 2014.
  • This helps us in reducing the carbon footprint by 6,79,830 Kgs per annum.
  • An add on installation was done at Unit 3 in 2019 where we produce about 6,680 Units per month on average
  • The company has committed an investment towards the supply of almost 50% of its Power needs through Solar Energy by mid of 2021.

Water & Rainwater Harvesting

KPL is a Zero Liquid Discharge factory that engages in efficient waste disposal through:

  • Sewage waste at Unit-2 & Unit-3 treated through STPs installed in the respective units
  • Treated water used for gardening and flushing in toilets
  • Solid waste converted into fertilizers

KPL has also integrated ponds and parks adjacent to their industry to

  • Built recharge wells for rainwater harvesting
  • Regulate conservation, beautification and protection of our natural flora and fauna.

Recycling + Waste Disposal

KPL has adopted sustainable packaging technologies to reduce the cost of packaging. Through this method, we also ensure the recycling of material to protect the environment by:

  • Reduction in material usage without compromising on quality.
  • Reuse of packaging to lessen waste disposal and encourage recycling.